Pink Clay

What if your prosthetic breast can look justas good as your natural breast?

In some cases, after the (partial) removal of the breast after breast cancer, it is possible to createnew breast structure with silicone under the skin. In other cases, this isn’t possible because there is too much scar tissue or too little skin left. And of course, there are also plenty of women who choose to notdo any surgery anymore because of bad past experiences with surgery.

These women often choose for a breast prosthesis that can be placed insidethe bra, so it looks like they still have breasts and so they can feel more feel feminine to the outside world.

Breasts naturally comes in all shapes and sizes. Breast prostheses are also in many sizes, but besides from filling up your bra they don’t do much for these women. They don’t have the look and feel your natural breasts used to have, they look very generic and maybe even feel like it doesn’t belong to you and your body.

We must ensure that these women are able to feel natural and whole again.

Pink Clay is the way to experiencethis sensation. The claying part itself can be seen as a moment of closure. The outcome, silicone breast, can be seen as a new start.

Pink Clay is there to give you a beautiful silicone breast that fits much better with your body and give you that feel that a part of your body, that you have been missing, is back.

This project is linked to Pink Ribbon