Not So Sweet Cake

An opinion is a subjective interpretation ofan individual or group (or a particular attitude) towards a subject. ‘Subjective’ means that the concept of attitude is not based on facts. But when our opinion is not based on facts, does that mean we can express whatever we want? 

Of course, there is freedom of expression to a certain extent. Hate speech is not allowed. But there are so many side roads to take. Additionally, in this digital age we can proclaim our opinion many times faster and anonymously. Such a shame, because our views can evolve if we discuss them, or if we just give them a little more thought before we express them.

Swallow your opinion again. Because often we can’t take them for sweet cake.
(‘Sweet cake’ = ‘Zoete koek’ in Dutch, if we take something for ‘sweet cake’, we take it for granted. Butthis project’s vision is that we don’t have to take everything for granted, hence the name:“Not So Sweet Cake”).

The text on the pink cakes weredone by screenprinting with dark chocolate. All done by hand on the spot.

Whenever I heard a not-so-sweet opinion, I made a corresponding pink cake. However, people could also request specific opinions, that I created on the spot.