Mission 69

Right now, the colonization of space is becoming a very real future for the human race. Around the world, multiple space programs are being launched and we are looking ever closer at what conditions are required for human colonization to become successful.

But somehow when it comes to sexual and intimate needs in outer-Earth conditionsthere is this strange silence… A taboo of the human need for intimacy.

ESA and NASA are launching multiple space programs, which focus on the big questions of space travel and colonization. However, when it comes to intercourse their only focus is reproduction, intimacy is neglected and ignored.

Research shows however that intimate relationships are of utmost important for humans to thrive and be happy over time.

Another cause of the dismissal of this human basic need, after food and shelter, is that it opens the door for a new narrative. A narrative where Pornhub.com has started a kickstarter campaign to send the first humans into space to have documented sex. Professional pornographic actors. Is that truly the message we want to send about our future as a space fairing lifeform? Right now, we are at a critical point where we really need to ask ourselves:

What future do we want to build for our future generation out in the universe?

Do we truly want to limit intimacy to just being for reproduction or as something that is considered a marketable entertainment with no foothold in mental wellbeing or human happiness? Or do we want to take the beautiful things that we have to offer out with us into space?

We of Mission 69 say it is time to take the beauties of human existence into space. Love, empathy and an endless curiosity are essential parts of human existence.

To help you on your way we bring you this wonderful card set designed to inspire new adventures of curiosity and affection in the weightlessness of space.

– Made in collaboration with Sterre Theophanu Richard.