Elderly Walking Service

The idea of an elderly walking service is created after we saw how busy everyone around us was with pursuing their career. We spend such little time (as Y generation) with our family, especially with the elderly.

This campaign is designed to create awareness and let people think about the fact that even some dogs are treated better than those seniors. We have chosen for the condescending name “walking service” because it would initiate a dialogue.

Monique Koesen-Vermeeren is a sweet caregiver who supported us in this campaign. She aided us by giving this campaign more credibility.

Not just she, but also Jurgen Bax (by the Taxi Company Bax) saw the value in our idea and supported us.

We want to thank Monique and Jurgen for your belief en cooperation and we hope to have made a step towards a better future for our elderly.

– Made in collaboration with Huib Dieltjens

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Here we see the video where Monique Koesen-Vermeeren is being interviewed. In this video she explains why she wanted to create the elderly walking service and why its so important it exists.

This interview isn’t the most esthetically pleasing film you might have seen. But it fits this field of operation and it wil create more credibility.